“Karen Harding is a wonderful friend of mine. I’m so blessed by her ministry. She’s anointed and can really sing!”
– Kurt Carr

“Karen Harding is the testimony of a person’s gift making room for them. She has withstood tragic setbacks to a promising career and in all these things she accused not God! Her lips are dedicated to a higher calling…hers is to sing”
– Carroll and Priscilla McGruder

“Karen, there is a sweet anointing that flows when you sing. God really will use you to bless people…You blessed me today!”
– Babbie Mason

“Karen Harding is one of the most amazing vocalists I’ve ever heard. Her voice has so much power and passion, she moves me to tears. And behind that incredible voice is a wonderful heart that believes every precious word she sings and loves serving the Lord. Many, many people are going to be touched by her gifts.”
– Deborah Evans Price, Billboard Magazine Editor

“There are singers, then there are communicators. Singers are everywhere, communicators are rare. Sure, Karen sings great, but when you experience her, you experience something that goes much deeper than a good voice or the right technique. You hear her heart, not just her voice…and you don’t experience that, and stay the same. That’s communication. That’s Karen Harding.”
– John Mays, A&R Director – Creative Trust

“Karen Harding is anointed. You can feel the Spirit of God when she opens her mouth and starts to minister. I can heartily recommend her for your church, revival, or any time you want God to show up!”
– Mark Lowry

“One of the marks of a successful artist is longevity and that is one of the wonderful attributes we can depend on with our friend Karen Harding.  She has been around a long time and continues to be one of the all time best artists in Gospel Music.  She is tops and will always bless those that are lucky enough to have a chance to worship with her.”

“Karen Harding is a dear friend and blessing to so many.  Whether singing, songwriting or leading in worship, Karen is tops.”

“Karen Harding is an outstanding Gospel artist.  We are blessed to have her whether in the smallest  group of worshippers or the largest concert arena.  Her God-given-gift of music meets every occasion and every need.  She operates under the anointing that we all long for and need.”
– Judy Nelon